Wednesday, June 01, 2005

it’s official! i’m adorable!

i went to visit the fox with my human and her friend the other day, and nearly everybody I met said ‘oh, what a gorgeous dog’ and two lovely young female humans made a really big fuss of me, gave me crisps and both took my photograph on their mobiles so they could look at me later!

while we were there, my human spotted a leaflet about hanwell carnival, which is on the 18th of june this year, and I noticed they were having a dog show.

after the amount of ‘ooh what a sweet little doggies’ i’d received, i persuaded my human to enter me in a few of the categories, them being: prettiest bitch, best veteran, (i’m not telling how old i am, but i’m over seven years so i qualify) dog never shown before, best cross breed, and dog the judge would most like to take home.

i do realize that i’m going to have to have a wash, brush and trim before hand, but if i win a rosette it’ll be worth it!

winning prizes in dog shows has run in my family. one dog by the name of chips who was around before i was born, came second place in ‘the dog with the waggiest tail’ competition at a show, and my ‘big sister’ sheba (who sadly died when I was little) and my human, won first place in ‘the best six legs’ category at hanwell carnival before i was born too.

i know winning isn’t everything, but i think i’m in with a chance!

wwfn x

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