Wednesday, June 15, 2005

i've not been having much fun today as last night, my human found i had a tic on me and my annual trip to the vets was brought forwards in a hurry.
the last time i had one, the vet sprayed me with something before removing it with tweezers which hurt, so i wasn't very happy about having that done to me again, but this time (i now go to a very nice new vets round the corner from me) they said all my human had to do was spray the nasty thing, then cover it with lots of vaseline, and that'll kill it! hurrah!
i was also really really brave as my claws needed cutting which i hate, but the vet managed it without hurting me and gave me a big cuddle after it was over.
i've also been busy grooming myself in readiness for the dog show on saturday, but i still think i'm going to need a bath as i rolled in a rather large muddy patch the other day.
got to go for now as i've been promised an extra special dinner for being a very good dog, but if anydoggy out there needs a vet, i can recommend any of these nice people at the RSPCA


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