Sunday, June 19, 2005

wow woof! what a weekend!
on saturday, me and my human went to hanwell carnival to enter the dog show. as i already mentioned, i was all ready, had a shower the day before (two shampoos AND a cream rinse) and was really hoping to win a rosette.
i didn't just win A rosette, but FIVE!
woof, woof, wuff!
told you i was gorgeous!
the carnival was also interesting - lots of new smells and other dogs to meet - but the day was very hot indeed, and despite being in the shade most of the time, everyone with a furry coat was getting very warm to say the least.
after the competition, my human and her friends who came to cheer me on, went to a local pub for some liquid refreshment and peanuts.
my human had tied my rosettes to my leash, and i was given a champions welcome and got loads of 'wow, what a darling doggy's', but sadly, it was so hot outside, all i could do when i got there was crash out next to the water bowl and flop, and was dreading the walk back home (and so was my human as she worries about me lots) until she came up with the idea of soaking me in water first which was absolute bliss!
we were doing well (she was hot too btw) but started flagging halfway back due the sun again, until she spotted a family in their front garden with a hosepipe.
we ran over and she said "excuse me, but my dog is overheating, would you mind if we could borrow your hose for a minute?"
they were very kind indeed and said "yes, of course!" and i got even more admiring comments about my rosettes! if they are reading this, then please again accept my wags and licks!
here's a piccy of me and her with my ribbons!
don't i look pretty and shiny? :)
will write more soon, but human wants to go to bed in a minute so she's going to turn off the 'puter.
wwfn xx

...least you got a bath last....MUTTLEY
and to think i gave you one of my bonios... bark...
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