Wednesday, June 22, 2005

wuff, my human's out in the garden so i can play with the puter again, hurrah!
i want to go outside as well, but thought some readers might like to read my first ever blogpost, which was originally posted on her blog last year. now i've got my own blog, i might as well put it here where it'll get seen.

Friday, June 25, 2004 first blogspot post.i think my human was going to write one but she's just gotten back from somewhere she calls 'the a**eing hell on earth that is known as tescos' and after putting the freshly caught dead animal into the magic cupboard that makes it hot and yummy, she went into the front room with a glass of her special water that i'm not allowed to drink and said that as i've already been out once today on a very long walkie i'm not to bother her again until it's dinner time.

but as she left the 'puter online i might as well write something for her.

i got up early this morning to patrol the garden and chased away three squirrels and the stupid brown cat from up the road, barked at a large dog who went past the house as he looked at me in a threatening manner, went exploring the embankment and found a lovely new smelly patch to roll in.

got washed.

went to park with human and we found that somebody has cleared away a lot of trees and bushes around the viaduct and we can now get to the old allotments via a new route. chased a fox but it got away, nearly got a squirrel but it went up a tree and i couldnt reach it, found a wonderful muddy pond full of black stagnant water and rolled around in it for ages. human found me and took me back home.

got washed again.

sat in garden in sunshine for a while, had a nibble at some sticks, greeted neighbours as they arrived home from work, then had to go inside and guard the house for an hour whilst human went hunting. apart from being washed twice, a most enjoyable day in all.

oooh, the dead animal is ready to eat, hooray!



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