Monday, May 02, 2005

me and my human wrote this a while back, but as once again not a lot's happened here, other than chasing the stupid brown cat from across the road up a tree twice today, i thought i'd post it on here.

10 Warning signs your Dog has learnt to use your PC.

10. Mouse covered in mud

9. Wet nose prints all over the screen

8. Instead of saying 'You have mail' your PC barks

7. Your MSN account has been changed to ' '

6. Your credit card has been used to make numerous online purchases at DogWorld

5. Emails from someone named Rover

4. Pointer changed from an arrow to a bone

3. Screen saver shows a cat trapped in a tree

2. Bonio crumbs all over the keyboard

1. Instead of windows start up music it now plays ' Who let the dogs out'

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