Wednesday, June 22, 2005

wuff, my human's out in the garden so i can play with the puter again, hurrah!
i want to go outside as well, but thought some readers might like to read my first ever blogpost, which was originally posted on her blog last year. now i've got my own blog, i might as well put it here where it'll get seen.

Friday, June 25, 2004 first blogspot post.i think my human was going to write one but she's just gotten back from somewhere she calls 'the a**eing hell on earth that is known as tescos' and after putting the freshly caught dead animal into the magic cupboard that makes it hot and yummy, she went into the front room with a glass of her special water that i'm not allowed to drink and said that as i've already been out once today on a very long walkie i'm not to bother her again until it's dinner time.

but as she left the 'puter online i might as well write something for her.

i got up early this morning to patrol the garden and chased away three squirrels and the stupid brown cat from up the road, barked at a large dog who went past the house as he looked at me in a threatening manner, went exploring the embankment and found a lovely new smelly patch to roll in.

got washed.

went to park with human and we found that somebody has cleared away a lot of trees and bushes around the viaduct and we can now get to the old allotments via a new route. chased a fox but it got away, nearly got a squirrel but it went up a tree and i couldnt reach it, found a wonderful muddy pond full of black stagnant water and rolled around in it for ages. human found me and took me back home.

got washed again.

sat in garden in sunshine for a while, had a nibble at some sticks, greeted neighbours as they arrived home from work, then had to go inside and guard the house for an hour whilst human went hunting. apart from being washed twice, a most enjoyable day in all.

oooh, the dead animal is ready to eat, hooray!



Sunday, June 19, 2005

wow woof! what a weekend!
on saturday, me and my human went to hanwell carnival to enter the dog show. as i already mentioned, i was all ready, had a shower the day before (two shampoos AND a cream rinse) and was really hoping to win a rosette.
i didn't just win A rosette, but FIVE!
woof, woof, wuff!
told you i was gorgeous!
the carnival was also interesting - lots of new smells and other dogs to meet - but the day was very hot indeed, and despite being in the shade most of the time, everyone with a furry coat was getting very warm to say the least.
after the competition, my human and her friends who came to cheer me on, went to a local pub for some liquid refreshment and peanuts.
my human had tied my rosettes to my leash, and i was given a champions welcome and got loads of 'wow, what a darling doggy's', but sadly, it was so hot outside, all i could do when i got there was crash out next to the water bowl and flop, and was dreading the walk back home (and so was my human as she worries about me lots) until she came up with the idea of soaking me in water first which was absolute bliss!
we were doing well (she was hot too btw) but started flagging halfway back due the sun again, until she spotted a family in their front garden with a hosepipe.
we ran over and she said "excuse me, but my dog is overheating, would you mind if we could borrow your hose for a minute?"
they were very kind indeed and said "yes, of course!" and i got even more admiring comments about my rosettes! if they are reading this, then please again accept my wags and licks!
here's a piccy of me and her with my ribbons!
don't i look pretty and shiny? :)
will write more soon, but human wants to go to bed in a minute so she's going to turn off the 'puter.
wwfn xx

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

i've not been having much fun today as last night, my human found i had a tic on me and my annual trip to the vets was brought forwards in a hurry.
the last time i had one, the vet sprayed me with something before removing it with tweezers which hurt, so i wasn't very happy about having that done to me again, but this time (i now go to a very nice new vets round the corner from me) they said all my human had to do was spray the nasty thing, then cover it with lots of vaseline, and that'll kill it! hurrah!
i was also really really brave as my claws needed cutting which i hate, but the vet managed it without hurting me and gave me a big cuddle after it was over.
i've also been busy grooming myself in readiness for the dog show on saturday, but i still think i'm going to need a bath as i rolled in a rather large muddy patch the other day.
got to go for now as i've been promised an extra special dinner for being a very good dog, but if anydoggy out there needs a vet, i can recommend any of these nice people at the RSPCA


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

i didn't go through the rubbish bag!

Friday, June 03, 2005

it appears that there is a literate cat around that has learnt to use a 'puter.

i just read mags' blog, and her cat sebastian has posted a little about his adventures in a jungle.

i'm impressed!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

it’s official! i’m adorable!

i went to visit the fox with my human and her friend the other day, and nearly everybody I met said ‘oh, what a gorgeous dog’ and two lovely young female humans made a really big fuss of me, gave me crisps and both took my photograph on their mobiles so they could look at me later!

while we were there, my human spotted a leaflet about hanwell carnival, which is on the 18th of june this year, and I noticed they were having a dog show.

after the amount of ‘ooh what a sweet little doggies’ i’d received, i persuaded my human to enter me in a few of the categories, them being: prettiest bitch, best veteran, (i’m not telling how old i am, but i’m over seven years so i qualify) dog never shown before, best cross breed, and dog the judge would most like to take home.

i do realize that i’m going to have to have a wash, brush and trim before hand, but if i win a rosette it’ll be worth it!

winning prizes in dog shows has run in my family. one dog by the name of chips who was around before i was born, came second place in ‘the dog with the waggiest tail’ competition at a show, and my ‘big sister’ sheba (who sadly died when I was little) and my human, won first place in ‘the best six legs’ category at hanwell carnival before i was born too.

i know winning isn’t everything, but i think i’m in with a chance!

wwfn x

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