Sunday, May 07, 2006

i got told off recently for not updating this blog, so i reckoned it's about time i did so.
i've just gotten back from a wonderful holiday with my human! we went to a place called cornwall, which is very different from round these parts, and has a most fabulous area known as a beach! if you haven't seen a beach, it's a very nice area to scamper on, and has lots to sniff at and climb, and also a really, really big pond called a 'sea' attatched to it, which is great fun to paddle in.
my human took lots of photos of my adventures, and has posted them up here so you can see how lovely it all was. i want to go back there asap, and my human said next time we can take a magic meat burner with us, so that we can have lunch there as well.

talking of food, there were loads of places that let me in for a meal with my human which was fantastic. i'm going to update my 'blue paw awards' in a little while, so you can read about it all there.
i was hoping to meet chalky, who owns a chef called rick stein while we were there, but sadly he wasn't around. i did get to smell him though, as one of the local dogs pointed me in the direction of his favourite lampost, and i left my scent there for when next he visits.

wwfn, and i promise i will update more regularly from now on.

My human (S. Duck) once met a famous dog, who humped his leg.

Bad Shep! Get down!

I do not know what this means, because I am lovely.
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