Thursday, August 17, 2006

once again, i'm sorry i haven't updated this blog in ages, but in my defence i haven't been very well.
i had to go to the vets a few times, and now i'm on medicine which although tastes vile, is doing me good, and i always get a nice treat after taking it, so not all bad. also, i've to say a huge thank you woof, to everybody who has donated to the 'making me better' campaign! my appointment has come through for next thursday, and i'll keep you informed as to how i get on. woof!
my human has to go and leave me for a few days, which means unless i can get to a friends house or the cybercafe up the road, i won't be able to get to play with a puter* as she keeps her bedroom door shut while shes away in case i get trapped in there while the dog-sitter's out.
but, she's just told me that one of her readers said that they'd love to ask me some questions.
so if you're one of them, please ask away in the comments box here, and i'll answer them as soon as she lets me back on the 'puter.


*no more 'kitten cannon' til next week, boo!

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